What began as a grassroots citizens league in Columbia Heights, MN has become HeightsNEXT, a non-profit organization that builds community resilience and sustainability. We are exploring ways to engage our whole citizenry by creating events that build strong ties between our diverse communities, and encourage the adoption of sustainable practices. Among the ideas we have begun exploring are Wi-Fi for the city, a soccer field, Monarch/pollinator projects, more walking and bike trails, developing a strong arts community, resource and energy efficiency initiatives, and the addition of more gathering spaces and fun events for the next generation of young adults and their families.

HeightsNEXT welcomes all walks of life. We are not affiliated with any race, religion, or creed, nor do we support or endorse any office, political campaign, company, lobby, activist group, or association of any kind. We simply aim to build community.

Most importantly, we want to create a strong network of volunteer communities representing all of our residents. The future of Columbia Heights starts with you!