Nelle Bing serves as a Board Director and fulfills the role of Executive Liaison for
HeightsNEXT. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Metropolitan State University
where she majored in Business Administration. Nelle held a successful, ten-year career in
event planning where she managed large trade shows on a bi-annual basis. Although
Nelle enjoyed her fast-paced, high-energy career, she left the professional world in 2014
to pursue her greatest job to date – raising her child. She and her husband purchased their
first home in Columbia Heights in 2015, and quickly became dedicated to getting
intimately involved in the community. Nelle is a block
captain in her neighborhood and is passionate about making her community a
marvelous place to live. Ardently invested in doing good in the world, Nelle focuses her
time and efforts in being an active citizen pursuing social justice on a local level. For
fun, Nelle enjoys woodworking and clay crafting, writing, playing in a community band,
and celebrating Christmas year-round.